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About us

Fraider is a service created by the extreme sports enthusiasts for people around the world. Our mission is to enable each and every one to be able to have a fun time without unnecessary efforts and wasted time consumed by search, verification, negotiation and etc.

We took upon ourselves to

Find the best instructors worldwide in ever expanding selection of activities
Develop to you an optimized interface to easily select and book an activity of your choosing
Provide you with a comfortable and secure payment method
Protect your private information which you choose to share with us
Create a friendly ecosystem for the same spirited community
Help you discover all the joy and excitement anywhere on our planet
We are always opened for honest dialogue, constructive critics and user’s suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our website, apps and social media accounts. We promised that you will be heard and considered. Aloha to everyone and let’s have some fun!