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Company — FRAIDER INC. (2093A Philadelphia Pike, Suite 100, Claymont, DE 19703, USA).

FRAIDER — website

Services — a set of programs and databases which support the operations of the website, as well as a set of Services provided to Users when using the website.

User — visitor who has completed the registration procedure. The term “User” in this agreement refers to users who are booking/reserving Services, Contractors, Verified Users, Unverified Users.

Contractor — a user who provides the Services through FRAIDER, accepted by another User to provide the Services.


This privacy policy applies to FRAIDER, including any of its subdomains, as well as other websites through which the Компания provides Services, applications for mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices, application interfaces, as well as all websites and mobile applications which the company administers.

This privacy policy defines the procedures for the Company in relation to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal (and other) information about Users, which the Company can receive through FRAIDER.

Please note that by using FRAIDER, you agree and accept the procedure for collecting, storing, using and distributing information specified in this privacy policy.


The main categories of information collected by the Company.

1.1 Information provided by the User.

The company collects the following information that you provide to us when using FRAIDER:
  • Registration data. When registering a FRAIDER Account, we request certain information, such as your name, email address and date of birth.
  • Profile information. In order to use some functions of FRAIDER, we may ask you to fill in a profile to which you may need to enter your address, telephone number and gender. Some sections of your profile (such as your profile picture, name and description) are a part of your public profile page and are open to all users.
  • Other identification information. To create and maintain a secure environment, we may collect identification information (for example, a photo of your official ID) or other identification information.
  • Payment information. We collect your financial information (such as your bank account and credit card information) when you use the Payment Services to process payments.
  • Messages between Users of FRAIDER. When communicating with other Users or Contractors or using the FRAIDER to communicate with other Users, we collect information about your communication, as well as other information of your choice.
  • Other information.You can provide us with information in other ways, by filling out forms, sending search queries, updating and adding information in your FRAIDER Account, participating in surveys, posting in open forums, participating in promotions or using other functions of FRAIDER.

  • 1.2 Information that the Company automatically collects when using FRAIDER.

    When you use FRAIDER, we collect information about the services you use and how you use them.

  • User information. We collect information about your interaction with FRAIDER, such as pages you browse or other content, your Activity search requests, bookings/reservations you made and other actions on FRAIDER.
  • Location information. When you use certain services of FRAIDER, we can collect various types of information about your general location (for example, IP address, postal code) or more detailed information about the location (for example, exact location due to GPS service on your mobile device). Most mobile devices allow you to control or disable location functions for applications in your device settings.
  • Log data. We automatically collect event log data when you use FRAIDER, even if you have not registered your FRAIDER Account or have not logged into your FRAIDER Account. Among other things, this data includes information about how you used FRAIDER (including links to third-party applications), IP address, access time, information about software and hardware, device information, information about device events (for example, crashes, type of search engine), as well as the page that you viewed before or after using FRAIDER.
  • Information about operations. We collect information related to your operations on FRAIDER, including the date and time, the amounts involved and other details of the operation.
  • Cookies and other similar technologies. We use cookies and other similar technologies, such as web beacons, pixels, and mobile identifiers. Also, we can allow our business partners to use such tracking technologies on FRAIDER or involve third parties to track your behavior. Although you can deactivate the use of cookies through your browser settings, we do not change our practice in response to the “Do Not Track” signal in the HTTP header of your browser or mobile application.

  • 1.3 Information collected by the Company from third parties.

    The Company may collect information provided by third parties when they use the FRAIDER Internet resource or receive information from other sources and combine it with information that we collect through the FRAIDER Internet resource.

  • Third-party services. If you connect or log into your FRAIDER Account through third-party services (for example, Facebook), these third-party services may send us your information, such as your registration data and profile data on these services. This data may change and is controlled by these services according to your privacy settings on these services.
  • Your recommendations. If someone wrote you a recommendation, it will be published on your FRAIDER open profile page.
  • Other sources. In accordance with applicable law, we may receive additional information about you, such as demographic data and fraud exposure information from third-party service providers and/or partners and combine such information with the information we have about you. For example, as part of our risk assessment and fraud prevention activities, we may receive query results from open sources of information from service providers, such as identity verification services. We may receive information about you and your activity both on FRAIDER and outside it through partner websites or on your actions and communication from advertising partners.


    When you visit, information may be stored on your computer as a cookie. This section describes the cookies we use and explains why we use cookies and how we handle the information we collect. It also explains how cookies allow our website and application to function properly, and why you cannot use all the functions of the website if you turn off the use of cookies. By visiting our site without changing the settings, you agree to receive all cookies and other data collection tools; however, if you do not agree with the use of these cookies, you can change your cookie settings at any time. All companies or networks we work with have their own privacy policies (we are not responsible for cookies on third-party sites) and offer users a mechanism to refuse tracking and behavioral targeting, available through the ad itself or through the cancelation mechanisms listed in the “How to control or delete cookies”.

    2.1 What is cookie?

    Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a specific web page — in this case and its subsequent pages. The cookies are then sent back to the original web page with each subsequent visit or to another web page that recognizes this cookie. Cookies are widely used to enable or increase the efficiency of FRAIDER, as well as to provide information to website owners. Cookies perform many different tasks, for example, they allow you to efficiently navigate between pages, remember your preferences and, usually, improve the user interface. Cookies can tell us, for example, whether you have visited our website before or if you are a new visitor. They can also help ensure that the ads you see on the Internet are more relevant to you and your interests.

    There are two broad categories of cookies:
  • First-party cookies that we send directly to your computer or mobile device.
  • Third-party cookies that are provided by a third party on our behalf.

  • We may use third-party cookies for functionality, performance/analytics, advertising/tracking, and social networks. Cookies may be stored on your computer or mobile device for different periods of time. Some cookies are session cookies. This means that they are only saved temporarily during a browsing session and expire when the browser is closed. Other cookies are persistent cookies, they are stored on your computer or mobile device for a certain period and are not deleted when the browser is closed. They can be used by our website to recognize your computer or mobile device when you open a browser and browse the Internet again.

    2.2 Why do we use cookie?

    We use cookies for a number of reasons, including:
  • Enable, simplify and optimize the functionality of our website and your access to it
  • Track traffic flow and user travel patterns related to our website
  • Understanding the total number of visitors to on an ongoing basis and the types of Internet browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari) and operating systems (such as Windows or Mac OS, Linux OS) used by our visitors
  • Tracking the effectiveness of our website and its continuous improvement
  • Customize and improve your online

  • 2.3 What types of cookies do we use?

    The types of cookies that are used by us and our partners in connection with can be classified into one of five categories, namely: «Strictly necessary cookies», «Functional cookies», « Cookies with performance and analytics information», « Cookies for online behavioral advertising» and «Third-party Cookies».
    We have outlined some additional information about each category and cookie goals that we and third parties set in the following list.

    Strictly necessary cookies:

    These cookies are required to provide you with our website and all services available through These cookies also support features such as access to protected areas. Without these cookies, the services you requested, such as transactional pages and secure accounts, would not be possible.

    Functional cookies:
    Functional cookies record information about your choices and allow us to tailor our website to you. These cookies mean that when you continue to use or return to the website, we can provide you with our services as you have requested. For example, these cookies allow us to:
  • Save location settings if you specified your location on the home page - geoip
  • Remember the settings that you applied, such as profile information, activity options, payment settings, etc.
  • Show them when you are logged in
  • Options for available activities based on, for example, your location or around the world

  • In addition, these cookies provide user-friendliness with our website, receiving updated and consistent information by the user, as well as the correct distribution of the load on the, optimizing its speed and functions while navigating the website.

    Cookies with performance and analytics information:
    We use cookies for performance analysis and integrity analysis to understand how is accessed, works or used to provide you with a better user interface, and to maintain, operate, and continually improve For example, these cookies allow us to:
  • Better understand visitors to our website in order to improve and insure existing and relevant content
  • Test various design ideas for specific pages, such as our homepage
  • Collect information about visitors to our website, for example, where they are located and which browsers they use
  • Determine the number of unique users who visit our website
  • Improve our website by measuring any errors that occur
  • Conduct research and diagnostics to improve product offerings (activities). We use Google Analytics and many other analytic tools to help us understand how users interact with the website. These web analytics services use their own cookies to track user interactions, which in our case means that they are used to collect information about how visitors use our website. This information is used to compile reports and create services that help us improve our website and related services. Reports reveal website trends without identifying individual visitors. Some services will allow you to directly stop the tracking process. For example, although you cannot refuse the use of cookies on our website, you can refuse to use Google Analytics without affecting the way you visit For more information on choosing Google Analytics for all websites you use, visit the Google Help page

  • These cookies are used for internal purposes and help us improve the performance of the website through more efficient interaction with users. The information sent in the cookies is anonymous; it helps us understand how visitors use FRAIDER and how we can improve the way our information is presented. Usually such services are provided by independent research and analytical companies. In this case, cookies may belong to a third party (third party cookies).

    Examples of these cookies set by the FRAIDER website:
  • File name — cookie, purpose — Laravel_SessionId. These cookies are used when giving you permission to access FRAIDER website. When you close your browser session, this cookie is deleted.
  • File name — cookie, purpose — Culture. This one-year cookie allows you to remember the language you chose during your previous visit.

  • Cookies for online behavioral advertising:

    We may allow third-party companies, including advertising companies (like Google), to place cookies on our website. These cookies enable these companies to track your activity on various websites where they show ads and record your actions, so they can show ads that they consider relevant to you when you browse the Internet. These cookies store information about the content you are viewing, along with an identifier associated with your device or an IP address. These cookies also enable us and third parties to find out whether you’ve seen an advertisement or a type of advertisement, and how much time has passed since you last saw it. This information is used to limit the frequency of impressions, to help set up the advertising that you see, and to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

    Third-party cookies:

    There are various pages on our website where third parties provide applications for their own cookies to track the success of their services (applications) or customize applications for you. Because of the way these cookies work, we cannot access the cookies, and third parties cannot access the data we use in the cookies. Some pages of our website may also contain embedded content, and these third-party sites may set their own cookies.

    2.4 How to control or delete cookies?

    You have the right to accept or stop cookies on your device at any time by changing the settings in your web browser to suit your cookie preferences. Remember that after disabling cookies you will not be able to use all the interactive features of the website. Most browsers offer instructions for changing cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the "Options" or "Settings" menu of your browser. If you want to limit the use of only third-party advertising cookies, you can disable such cookies by clicking on the following links:
  • Your Online Choices (
  • Network Advertising Initiative (
  • Digital Advertising Alliance (

  • Please keep in mind that there are many more companies on these websites than companies that place cookies through our website.

    2.5 Cookies that have been disabled.

    If you have disabled one or more cookies, we may still use the information obtained from the cookies before your disabled preferences are set, however, we will stop using the disabled cookie to collect additional information.

    2.6 Changes in cookie policy.

    We regularly review this cookie policy and reserve the right to change or exclude its provisions at any time at our discretion. In particular, changes to this cookie policy may be made if necessary due to changes in legislation, how the authorities work, customer needs or business needs, or if new security risks are discovered.

    This cookie policy was last updated on June 14, 2019. If you have any questions or comments on this cookie policy, please contact This cookie policy applies at the same time as our Privacy policy.


    The company uses, stores and processes information about you to provide, understand, improve and develop FRAIDER, as well as to create and maintain a safe and secure space.

    3.1 The provision, improvement and development of FRAIDER:

  • Providing access to FRAIDER and using FRAIDER.
  • Providing the ability to communicate with other users.
  • Ensuring the functioning, protection, improvement and optimization of FRAIDER and user interface, including with the analytics and research.
  • Personalize and customize your user interface by ranking search results and display advertisements based on your search queries, reservation/booking history and preferences.
  • Providing access and use of the Payment Services.
  • Providing customer service.
  • Sending you messages about services and support, updates, security alerts and account notifications.

  • 3.2 Creating and maintaining safe and secure spaces:

  • Detection and prevention of fraud, spam, insults, breaches of the protection system and other malicious activities.
  • Investigation and risk assessment.
  • Verification or authentication of information or credentials you provide.
  • Checks on databases and other sources of information.
  • Compliance with our legal obligations.
  • Resolving disputes with our users and enforcing our agreements with third parties.
  • Fulfillment of the terms of service, payment terms, and other terms of the Company.

  • 3.3 Providing, personalizing, measuring and improving our advertising and marketing:

  • Sending advertising messages, marketing, advertising and other information that may be of interest to you, based on your communication settings (including information about campaigns and services of FRAIDER or our partners).
  • Personalization, measurement and improvement of advertising.
  • Organization of referral programs, awards, reviews, lotteries, contests and other promotions sponsored by the Company or our partners.


    4.1 Providing information with the consent of the User.

    The company can provide your data and information by following your instructions, for example, when you confirm a request from third parties or other websites to access your FRAIDER Account.

    4.2 Providing information to other FRADIER users.

    To facilitate the booking/reservation process, the Company may provide your data and information about you to other users.
    We do not provide other Users with information about your payments, payouts and means of payment.

    4.3 Profiles, announcements and other public information.

    FRAIDER allows you to publish information that is visible to the general public. Information that you share publicly on FRAIDER can be indexed by third-party information retrieval systems. In some cases, you can disable this option in the settings of your account. In the case of changing the settings or the availability of content, these search engines cannot update their database. We do not control the activities of third-party search engines, and they may use a cache containing your outdated information.

    4.4 Disclosure to third parties.

    The Company may disclose personal (or other) information about you collected through FRAIDER to third parties with the appropriate permission.

    The Company may provide information without your permission in the following cases:
  • We may disclose information collected about you within FRAIDER group of companies, which means that we may disclose information collected about you to our affiliates.
  • We may disclose information collected about you to our contractors and partners to boost the performance of their services or other activities in support of FRAIDER and/or our businesses, or their performance or confirmation on our behalf of a transaction or several transactions that you carry out with us.
  • As stated above, information about you collected through third-party ads, content, or technologies integrated into any of our Services may be disclosed to such third parties.
  • We may disclose the results of aggregate data about you and other users of our Services without restriction. In these situations, we do not disclose to such persons any information that may be used to establish your identity.
  • We may disclose to one or several third parties the information collected about you in the process of merging, acquiring or otherwise selling or transferring any assets or businesses of FRAIDER and/or any of our affiliates. Please note that the person receiving such information in connection with one of these transactions may not comply with all the terms of this privacy policy.
  • We may disclose information about you to state authorities or other third parties in order to comply with the law, applicable legal norms, requests of state and quasi-state authorities, court orders, and procedural actions. We reserve the right to disclose information collected through any of our Services to law enforcement and other government officials, which we, in our sole discretion, deem necessary or appropriate.
  • We may also disclose information about you to third parties if it is necessary to enforce any of the conditions for using one of our Services or other agreements or any investigation of their possible violations; detect, prevent, or otherwise resolve issues related to fraud, security or technical issues; protect ourselves from harm to any of the services; or protect our rights, property, or security, or the rights, property, or security of our users or others.
  • Aggregated data. Also, we can provide aggregated data (information about our Contractors, Users, combined into a single whole, without the possibility of identifying individuals) and information that does not allow to identify the users for industrial and marketing analysis, demographic profiling, marketing and advertising, as well as other commercial purposes.


    The Company constantly adopts and updates administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, destruction or substitution. However, none of the ways to transfer information via the Internet can be 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the security of the transmission and storage of your information.

    In order to protect the confidentiality of information, the Company takes commercially reasonable measures to protect such data from unauthorized access.

    Notwithstanding the above provisions, we notify you that FRAIDER is managed by software, hardware and virtual networks, any of whose components may, from time to time, be subject to security breaches or experience problems due to circumstances beyond our control. This can violate the security of information collected about you.

    We also inform you that, despite our best intentions and provisions set forth in this privacy policy, no data transmission over the Internet, Wi-Fi network, or any encryption method can guarantee complete security. You understand that there is a possibility that a third party, uncontrolled by the Company, will intercept or gain access to your personal information transmitted via FRAIDER or via email. Accordingly, while we take commercially reasonable measures to protect and safeguard all information that you provide through FRAIDER, due to the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that any such information will be completely protected from invasion by those who do not have your permission. Any such transfer of information about you to the Company is at your own risk.


    If you reside in the European Economic Area (EEA), our processing of your personal information will be legalized as follows:
  • Whenever we require your consent to the processing of your personal information, such processing will be justified in accordance with Article 6 (1). (a) of the General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”). This article in the GDPR describes when processing can be performed legally.
  • If the processing of your personal data is necessary for the execution of the contract between you and FRAIDER or for taking any pre-contractual steps upon your request, such processing will be based on article 6 (1) GDPR, section (b). If this data is not processed, FRAIDER will not be able to fulfill the contract with you.
  • If processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation, we will process your information based on article 6 (1) of the GDPR. (c), for example, compliance with labor law.
  • And if processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of FRAIDER, such processing will be carried out in accordance with Article 6 (1) of the GDPR. (e) for example, to detect fraud.

  • 6.1 Social networks.

    Our website contains links to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+,). These social networks are managed exclusively by third parties. If you follow the links, information may be transferred to these third parties. We use the so-called Double Click solution. In general, this means that no personal data will be transmitted if you visit our site.

    6.2 Data transfer to non-EU countries.

    Because it is necessary to initiate or execute a contract — for example, to process orders for events in countries outside the EU — we will transfer your data outside the EU. The same applies if such a transfer is necessary for our purposes. In this regard, we guarantee that the recipient of the data guarantees an appropriate level of data protection and that no other interests worthy of protection come into conflict with the transfer of data. FRAIDER relies on derogations, as specified in Article 49 of the GDPR, in the absence of a solution to “adequacy” and other guarantees under the GDPR (for example, mandatory corporate transfer rules outside the EEA). We collect and transfer only personal data to countries outside the EU: with your explicit consent; to fulfill an agreement with you; in a way that does not outweigh your rights and freedoms. If this data is not processed and transferred, FRAIDER will not be able to complete the contract with you or you will not have access to any or all the benefits and functions associated with your transaction. We strive to take appropriate precautions to protect the privacy and security of your personal data and use them only in accordance with your relationship with FRAIDER and the practices described in this privacy policy. If you have any questions, please contact our data protection specialist.

    6.3 Data deletion.

    We store data for the duration of your business relationship with us and in accordance with the requirements of current legislation. Personal data will not be stored for longer than necessary for the purpose of processing your personal data. We will keep your personal data as long as you have a FRAIDER account or need our services so that we can provide you with these services. If you are in the European Economic Area, at the moment you revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data, all your personal data received and stored will be erased if we no longer need it. Unless we are required to store this personal data in accordance with the law or to comply with our regulatory obligations. In this case, we will store this personal data for as long as necessary. For more information about where and how long your personal data is stored, as well as about your rights to erasure and portability, please contact our data privacy resource at

    6.4 European Union data subjects’ rights.

    The European Union's general data protection regulations and the privacy laws of other countries grant certain rights to data subjects. If you want to confirm that FRAIDER is processing your personal data, or to get access to personal data that FRAIDER may have about you, or you have other questions, please contact us at

    You can also request information about: processing purpose; relevant categories of personal data; who else, except FRAIDER, could receive data from us; what was the source of the information (if you did not provide it directly to FRAIDER); where personal data is stored and how long it will be stored. You have the right to correct the recording of your personal data stored with us if they are inaccurate. You can request that we delete this data or stop processing it, with some exceptions. You can also ask us to supplement or update your personal data, to convert it into an anonymous format or to block any data that is stored in violation of the law, as well as to refuse to process it for any and all legal reasons. You can at any time withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data or the further processing of personal data by us. You can also request that FRAIDER stop using your data for direct marketing purposes. In many countries (including EEA countries) you have the right to file a complaint with the appropriate data protection authority if you have doubts about how FRAIDER is processing your personal data. If this is technically feasible, we will, at your request, provide you with your personal data or transfer it directly to another controller. You have the right to receive your personal information in a structured and standardized format. You have the right to file a complaint with the appropriate data protection authority if you have doubts about how FRAIDER processes your personal data. If this is technically feasible, we will, at your request, provide you with your personal data or transfer it directly to another controller. You have the right to receive your personal information in a structured and standardized format. In addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, you may be provided with additional contextual information about specific services or the collection and processing of your personal data upon request.


    You can correct or update the information collected about you through FRAIDER by contacting us by e-mail at the address indicated at the end of this privacy policy, or (if this option is available on a particular service) by editing your information and preferences on the page "My account". You can also unsubscribe from any subscriptions to any products related to e-mail by following the corresponding link “unsubscribe”. We will use all commercially reasonable efforts to update our files to reflect your request as soon as possible.

    We may keep original and updated information for reasons such as technical restrictions, dispute resolution, compliance with laws, fraud prevention, troubleshooting, and enforcement of our terms of use and other agreements. In addition, we draw your attention to the fact that we cannot update any information about you collected through any of our websites that has already been disclosed (in the manner provided for by this privacy policy) to a third party.


    This privacy policy applies only to FRAIDER methods for personal (and other) information about you, which we can obtain through FRAIDER.

    We inform you that when using or accessing FRAIDER, you may be directed to other Internet sites that we do not control, and FRAIDER is not responsible for third-party privacy practices or the content of the sites where you follow through the link. We strongly assume, if not sure, that these third parties will collect information about you when you use their products. However, FRAIDER is not responsible for third-party privacy practices, regardless of whether they are linked by links or otherwise linked to FRAIDER. We recommend that you read the privacy policy and terms of use of these websites, applications or other products of any third party.


    The Company reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. In the event of changes to this privacy policy, the updated privacy policy is published on FRAIDER, indicating the date of the last update. We will notify you about changes by email.

    In case of disagreement with the updated privacy policy, you can delete your account. In the event that, prior to the effective date of the changes, you have not deleted your Account and continue to use FRAIDER, you thereby confirm your acceptance of the updated privacy policy.


    If you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy policy or any of our Services, you can contact us by:
  • email:;
  • a letter sent to the address: 2093A Philadelphia Pike, Suite 100, Claymont, DE 19703, USA

  • Last update: January 28 th, 2020