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Wakesurf Sri Lanka (Test activity)
Sri Lanka.
Individual 3 hours
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Wakesurf Sri Lanka (Test activity)

Sri Lanka. Individual 3 hours

Wakesurfing has gained a lot of momentum within the wake boarding. With slower speeds, less battering falls, and the same amount of fun, it is easy to see why. The feeling of riding a wave without being attached to anything can ‘t quite be compared to anything else. What’s even better, is that learning to wakesurf is very transferable to the ocean. After a few sessions behind the boat on the endless wave you will be more than prepared to surf in the ocean.<br>     The closest thing to the ocean and now even more opportunities to get on board. If you have never surfed before we recommend that you hop in one of our intro to wake surfing classes The great part about wake surfing is that it is something the whole family can do, plus the feeling of surfing on an endless wave is priceless. Wake Surfing is a low-impact water sport! Although it may sound similar to wake boarding, the sport of wake surfing is low impact which means it is less stress on your body and less possibilities for injury. The boat speed is almost half as fast as wake boarding (9-11 mph vs. 18-22 mph) so it’s also a little less intimidating for new riders. If you’ve ever surfed or even dreamed of ocean surfing all it takes is an opportunity to experience the sweet spot of an endless wave and you will be hooked as well.<br>     In our wakesurfing lessons the goal is to be balanced on the wakesurf board, and then find the sweet spot of the wave that will push the board forward. Most people ride several times before they ride the wave. Just hang on to the handle and have fun. Carve back and forth, ride up and down the face of the wave,<br>     Open to riders of any skill level<br>     Reservations required

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Born and raised in a small beach village called Praia da Areia Branca (White Sand Beach), just 15 minutes south of Peniche, he started as a skateboarder at the age of 10, only a few years later, at 14 he started surfing with the encouragement of a friend and really old equipment. He quickly swapped his skateboard for a surfboard and life for him took a huge change. View profile

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