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Sup walk Italy
Via G. Gentile, 52, 70126 Bari BA, Italy. .
Group 2 hours
From: $15

Sup walk Italy

Via G. Gentile, 52, 70126 Bari BA, Italy. . Group 2 hours
From: $15 Book activity

Discover Stand Up Paddle through a one hour introductory on-site. You'll work on a quiet river with no waves or Rapids. It is an ideal activity to achieve with family or friends to enjoy the beauty of the landscape Poitevin time of a discovery session.<br>     <br>     Predictable :<br>     Wear a comfortable outfit suitable for the weather conditions wear shoes closed during your trip plan a small bottle of water to hydrate yourself plan a hat and sunscreen if the Sun is to go<br>     What is included :<br>     Brief and explanation of the course Stand Up Paddle and paddle (s) jacket (s) of rescue bogus (s) waterproof if you need insurance (s) and shuttle<br>     Program of the activity :<br>     We inviteOnce there, you will attend a security briefing. We will present and distribute the necessary equipment for this descent, namely a paddle and a lifejacket. Before begin you, you can test your balance for 10 minutes to get your bearings. Leave then for 1 hour of initiation in the Stand Up Paddle in total autonomy!<br>     <br>     Characteristics<br>     Rules and conditions :<br>     -Know how to swim, stay tuned to the instructor.

Available languages
English (US)
Proficiency level

Free drinks
Newbie help
Inventory for a deaf person
Basic inventory
Charging equipment
Locker room
First aid
Additional equipment
Required age for participation: Client age from 14 to 60 years
Weight restriction: Weight limit: up to 120 kilograms
Height restriction: Height up to 190 centimeters
Required type of clothes: Dirt protected
Food / water: Take lunch and dinner with you
Deposit for provided property/equipment: change clothes
Ability to swim requirement: Security deposit for additional equipment $ 100
Inadmissible for pregnant women: Take protective glasses with you.
Inadmissible for people with serious illness: Not available for pregnant women
Not suitable for people with disabilities: hypertension
Not available to people with alcohol / drug intoxication:
Additional equipment that clients must have:
Certificate of acquired skills:
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Alpine skiing
Bungee jumping

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